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“We would like to thank you for all of your time and dedication to the REAP program. You gave our sons Ron and Nick a life changing opportunity to participate in real university research as incoming high school seniors.  They learned alot during their experience over the summer, interacting with their mentors, and the wider university community, and becoming more prepared for their future as college students.  Nick and Ron discovered what research is all about, and now they are passionate to continue.    As parents, we believe that the exposure made possible by the REAP program will make a difference in their lives.  Thank you for making it possible!”   —Ron and Daniela Ostezan



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For Parents

Weadminister a variety of programs and scholarship awards, with special consideration those coming from under-served backgrounds who would otherwise not have connections to STEM careers. We sponsor fairs where youth can display and be recognized for their creative efforts. We support teacherswith program guides and curricula. We connect mentors to eager apprentices. We are here to help your son or daughter to get involved and explore their options in one of thevital STEM fields.

A quick overview of our programs:

Connecting Your Child to an Academy Program

Understand that while the Academy sponsors and is actively involved in it's three core programs (Young Inventors' Program® and the Research Engineering Apprenticeship Program), we also administer awards, and internships that are provided to hundreds of local students through the Army Educational Outreach Program.

PROGRAMS, by age

Youth aged 5 through 14 (grade 8):

YOUNG INVENTORS PROGRAM® The Academy sponsors an annual celebration each March. Students participate at their local schools or home schools and are invited to participate at the regional celebration. If you live in a state or region where the program is not sponsored by a school, contact for more information.

High School Students (14 through 18): In addition to Young Inventors, we have several programs that provide opportunity to students who wish to explore careers in engineering, math, the sciences, research and technology. They are...

The U.S. Army AEOP apprenticeship program, administered by the Academy of Applied Science, provides unique opportunities for high school and undergraduate students to conduct real-world, Army-sponsored research alongside scientists and engineers in world-class facilities. Students gain hands-on work experience over the course of 5 to 8 weeks and receive financial stipends.

Apprentices must be US citizens or legal residents. For more details about eligibility and to find an apprenticeship near you, visit: