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"That’s the promise of America. Anybody with a good idea can prosper.  Anybody with talent can succeed. And that’s why it’s so important that
we promote math education and science education, on behalf of not just this generation but all the generations to follow."
President Obama
(One of the Academy's 16 National JSHS winners was invited to participate in the White House Science Fair in October 2010).

"Invention can work for the school system as a catalyst. Invention teaches you that whenever you're told you can't do something, you probably can—and make some money doing it, too."
—Inventor Alex Slocum, upon the occasion of his donation of $10,000 to the Academy's Young Inventors' Program.
[download PDF with complete story]

Supporting the Academy

Sponsorship is an excellent way to enhance your organization’s image and is an important part of your marketing plan. As a sponsor of the Academy’s educational programs and events, your company will be at the forefront of this crucial audience of students, teachers and parents. You will receive added exposure via our website, Facebook page, promotions and networking events.

Sponsors, Affiliates and Partners


Read some of the cutest student "Thank You" notes to
Sponsors of our latest Young Inventors' Program Celebration.

We are grateful for our sponsors who generously support STEM education
and invention in America's classrooms.

The U.S. Department of the Army

AFP Northern New England
Barley House Restaurant
Blue Hill Research
Camp Invention

Citizens Bank
Contegix Hosting
Contegix® is an award-winning Cloud, Colocation and Managed Hosting provider delivering 24/7/365 Go Beyond support to customers around the world. Our custom, consultative approach and premier network ensures the most scalable, reliable and secure hosting solutions.

Fox Imaging
Granite State Chapter of ASHRAE
Harborside Inn, Cafe & Lounge
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - NH Chapter
Parker Nelson Foundation

Salesforce Foundation's Power of Us program license donation

Sullivan & Worcester LLP is a leading corporate law firm advising clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging businesses. S&W's Startup Challenge, an entrepreneurial competition, and monthly Startup Series presentations are designed for entrepreneurs to help navigate the legal challenges of running a startup.
Sundance Solar

Dr. Sheldon Apsell
Steven Caney, Author & Inventor
Robert DiMatteo
Joanne Hayes-Rines
Toby Kusmer
Jill Malcom
Gary Miller
James and Susan Milliken
Subhash Minocha
Ian Palleiko
Dremel Rotozip
Irene O'Mara
Ralph Rodriquez
Kate Trojano


The Academy of Applied Science counts thousands of individuals in its volunteer networks across America and throughout the world. Also, the Academy works closely with a number of universities, elementary, middle and high schools, organizations, and corporations who provide the critical support and hands-on opportunities for the students in our programs.


We also enjoy the support and association with various partners that also share our same goal: inspiring young students to explore and pursue careets in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). They, like us, know that by preparing our youth for the rigors of STEM, we hope that the students will contribute to our nation’s future scientific and technological progress in critical national interests.

Center for Excellence in Education. The the Center for Excellence in Education works to improve science education and foster scientific understanding throughout the world. They sponsor both the Research Science Institute in cooperation with MIT, and the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO).

How You Can Help

Championing innovation, stimulating youth science, and advancing education in science, mathematics, engineering, technology and invention are never-ending quests. The Academy needs your help. We welcome your contributions, support, and/or personal volunteerism.

If you wish to play an active role in the good work of a prestigious, non-profit institution, there are a number of ways you can lend your support. All donations are considered charitable gifts and are fully tax deductible.

Direct Funding

Donations may also be made to the Academy of Applied Science by clicking on this online donations form or by mailing a check to the Academy of Applied Science, 24 Warren Street, Concord, NH 03301. If you would like your donation applied to a specific program, please indicate so. Thank you.

Volunteer Service

The Academy's continued successful operation through a remarkable network of energetic volunteers, permits us to dream big and to reach far beyond expectations. But there's always room for more volunteer assistance. No matter where you are and regardless of your skill level or area of expertise, the Academy can use your help.

And, if you happen to belong to one of the Academy's alumni groups (see Alumni), you can join hundreds of your peers in a national networking opportunity.


The Academy has a stellar track record for administering sizeable grant-supported programs. We also have the proven capability of achieving major goals with modest grants. Our grant-supported programs are local, regional, and global in scope.

The Academy boasts many years of experience in youth science and humanities programs, innovation encouragement and support, intellectual property education and research, and cutting edge technology exploitation.

If you have a grant initiative in mind, we'd like to hear from you!

Charitable Remainder Trust

A form of Academy donation that is growing in popularity, the Charitable Remainder Trust (technically known as a Charitable Uni-Trust) is seen as an attractive funding option for those wishing to help the Academy make a difference in the world. The CRT is a well-known estate planning tool that avoids tax burdens while ensuring current income and long-term charitable benefit. The effect of the CRT is that it would allow taxpayers to reduce estate taxes, eliminate capital gains, claim an income tax deduction, and benefit charities instead of the IRS.

CRT's are irrevocable trusts that actually provide for and maintain two sets of beneficiaries. The first set includes the income beneficiaries who can receive from the trust a fixed percentage of income for his/her lifetime. The second set of beneficiaries are (and this is where the Academy enters the picture) the non-profitable organizations named in the CRT.

Under the terms of the CRT, the Academy (if named as the beneficiary under the trust) is the ultimate recipient of the principal of the trust.

A related trust vehicle combines the CRT with a Legacy Trust to include heirs among the beneficiaries upon the passing of the contribution estate owner. Under such an arrangement, the estate owner benefits from an income stream with tax deductions, her/his heirs ultimately receive cash distributions, and the charity or non-profit organization (hopefully the Academy of Applied Science) receives the principal of the CRT.

Consult your financial planner about the potential of such a trust arrangement…and, of course, please remember the Academy when you designate your CRT beneficiary. For more information on the subject contact the Academy directly. We'll immediately forward an information packet.

Get involved

Call us today, or write/e-mail at the address shown at the left. Describe your special interests, share your dreams, and we'll do our best to match you up with a volunteerism experience you won't forget.

Donations are considered charitable contributions to our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and will be appropriately acknowledged as such in a formal letter from Academy management.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Academy of Applied Science